Venchi Blend dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts block 1kg

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Great Italian dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts IGP Piedmont in a block, cacao min. 56%, hazelnuts 30%.

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Product code:COK378
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Specialties » Sweets » Special chocolates

Gifts » Gifts for ladies

Country of origin:Italy
Quantity in tray/case:3 | Purchasable by single unit [Why?]

Delivery of chocolate products

Delivery of chocolate products

Dear Customer. We care about the quality of the goods we supply and we want them to arrive at your front door in mint condition. That's why we won't be delivering chocolates during the warm summer months, i.e. from the start of April to the end of August. If, however, you have a specific requirement during this time, contact our operators and we'll look into what we can do to be of service. Thank you for your understanding.

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