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18+ Condition

Beverage and gift store drinks24.cz is primarilly designed for customers over 18 years of age. Visitor, who hasn't yet reached an age of 18 is eligible to order and purchase only items, which do not contain alcohol (delicatessen, soft drinks, wearables, gifts, accessories, etc.).


Product prices listed on drinks24.cz are inclusive of VAT. Proper tax documents will be provided with each delivery.


An order is generated by adding products to the shopping basket. After registration, the wizard will take you through a step-by-step process for completing the order. Minimal order limit is 500 CZK including all taxes (VAT).

Order confirmation

After sending your order, it will be confirmed via email. Please check this confirmation immediately. Should you come across an error, please contact us immediately via e-mail or telephone. Contact details are in the section "Contact us". After the order is processed and the order expedited or made ready for personal pick up, an email will be sent to your contact e-mail address as included in your registration. Customers can also monitor their order status online after logging into their account.

Order cancellation by a customer

A customer may cancel their order from two weeks after ordering, as long as the order has not been expedited within the two weeks.

If a downpayment has been made and the order is subsequently cancelled prior to expedition of goods, the downpayment will be returned to the account of the customer, from whence the downpayment originated. In the case of a one-sided cancelation of the order by the customer, the reimbursed downpayment may be lower than the original amount paid, due to subtraction of banking charges invoiced by the bank receiving the original payment. Banking charges subtracted will be as per the valid schedule of banking charges of the bank receiving the original payment at time of receipt of said downpayment. Should the order be cancelled due to the order not being expedited within the notified timeframe, no charges.

Order cancellation by E-Shop operator

We reserve the right to cancel orders or parts thereof if:

  • goods are no longer manufactured or supplied
  • goods are not available longer term
  • goods prices have changed significantly

Should such a situation arise, you will be contacted via email of by telephone and consulted as to next steps (substitution of goods ordered, order cancelation etc.). Should said goods not have a substitution, they will be simply cancelled from the order.

Should payment for goods have been executed and the resultant order value after necessary changes be less than the downpayment, monies paid over the amount will be reimbursed to your account in the quickest possible time (usually within 3 working days from receipt of payment in our account). Should the resultant order value after necessary changes exceed the downpayment, you will be billed for excess value.

Payment for goods

Thorough description of payment options is provided in separate document - Shipping and payment options

Date of goods shipment

The date of shipment of goods will be confirmed by the salesperson who will contact you after receipt of your order by means of phone or email. Goods are usually shipped the work day following receipt of order. We try to have a tailormade approach and after mutual consent it is possible to modify the date of shipment.

Order verification

The onus is on the buyer to check the shipment contents at time and point of acceptance from the carrier or postal service in the presence of the person executing the actual delivery. Should the order be defective in any way (shipment order incomplete or contents missing, goods damaged in transit etc.), the consignee must not accept the shipment, but lodge a complaint directly with the carrier or postal serice. The carrier or postal service will subsequently write up with the consignee a record of the stated defects and the shipment will be returned to the sender. Please inform us without delay about the defective order and shipment immediately after writing up the record contact us concerning next steps, e.g. sending of a shipment etc. Claims for order inconsistencies made after the carrier has left (shipment order incomplete or contents missing, goods damaged in transit etc.) and therefore not made in their presence cannot be reflected upon.

Note concerning specific vintage availability

Wine is a natural product and sometimes it is not possible to ensure continued availability of a given vintage. Our assortment is broad and whilst we endeavor to inform our customers about the availability of individual vintages, producers occasionally change vintage without informing us, and therefore it may happen, that our offer on the internet will not be up to date. Should a change in vintage take place when an order is being placed, the buyer will automatically receive the next available vintage that we can source. Should the buyer insist on a given vintage and is not interested in a substitute, they must include this in the remarks section of their order.

Special vintages of certain spirits, champagne and ports (i.e. "vintage", "millessime" or "millesimata") are sort after due to their outstanding organoleptic characteristics, which are given due to the particular harvest of that year and related climactic conditions, storage and maturation or simply the fact, that the year is indicated on the bottle (e.g. "Vintage 1966") . With such products we do not automatically supply a different vintage. We will always try to source the given vintage and should availability be and issue, we will consult with the buyer.

Gift vouchers and certificates (Vouchers)

A valid Voucher with valid redeem code and other security elements entitles its holder to a percentage or nominal discount indicarted on the Voucher. For each individual order, maximum one Voucher can be redeemed. Special Terms and conditions apply to redemptions of all Vouchers issued as a part of marketing and promotional campaigns. These Terms and conditions are communicated with act of issuing each individual Voucher. Operator reserves the right to deny the Voucher redemption when the attempt violates the specific Terms and conditions.

Returning goods

Customers may return goods as per regulations for claims and law 367/2000 of the legal code without statement of reason within 14 days. This statute is only valid as concerns shipped goods and is not valid for goods purchased and personally picked up at our offices.

The decision about whether the claim fulfills all conditions and will be honoured will be conveyed by the salesperson within 30 days from the date of receipt of returned goods by the supplier. In the event of acceptance returned goods, the customer must subsequently sign a credit note for the goods that were sent to their address and send the signed credit note to the address of the vendor (by post or personally). On the basis of the signed credit note, the customer will be reimbursed the required amount pertaining to the goods, that were returned.

Important - please note! In order for the goods to be accepted upon returning, the following conditions must be met:

  • Goods must be returned complete and in their original state, complete with original packaging
  • Neither the goods nor the packaging can be damaged in any manner
  • Goods must not show signs of opening, consumption or use in any manner
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