Maxim's zipped pouches Elegance

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A lovely Maxim's zipped pouche with many delicacy. After you enjoyed its contant, you can keep it as a little cosmetic bag. Great gift for your girl friend!

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Gifts » Gift packaging » Gift baskets and cases

Country of origin:France
Quantity in tray/case:4 | Purchasable by single unit [Why?]

In a bag:

  • A gift-pack of 6 fruit jellies 42g
  • A jar of chocolate milk preserve 120g
  • A mini jar of bitter orange marmalade 42g
  • A red & gold pencil tin of 8 assorted chocolate squares 40g
  • A red mini oval tin of hazelnuts covered in milk chocolate 40g

Dárkové kolekce a koše Maxim's

Maxim's de Paris sets

A timeless symbol of a certain style of living, a celebration of a wonderful age, Maxim's is the ideal ambassador of French gastronomy throughout the world with a selection of the best exclusive Gourmet products in gorgeous gift-baskets. A Maxim's gift is the guarantee of a prestigious brand combined with the appeal of lovely tins and superb gift-boxes, beautiful objects that will be a pleasure to keep for a long time after having savoured its contents. Chocolates, champagne, foie gras and many other specialities are assorted in a subtle blend of elegance and seduction. No doubt that you will find a perfect gift for any occasion.

5 good reasons to give a Maxim's gift-basket


  • A prestigious and renowned French brand
  • An irresisitible presentation in exclusive boxes
  • A wide selection of gourmet items including chocolates, champagne and foie gras
  • Attractive prices with the guarantee of a high quality
  • A possible personalization for a better exclusivity

Delivery of chocolate products

Delivery of chocolate products

Dear Customer. We care about the quality of the goods we supply and we want them to arrive at your front door in mint condition. That's why we won't be delivering chocolates during the warm summer months, i.e. from the start of April to the end of August. If, however, you have a specific requirement during this time, contact our operators and we'll look into what we can do to be of service. Thank you for your understanding.

History of Maxim's de Paris

Maxim's history began in 1893 when the original restaurant was opened by Maxime Gaillard in the Rue Royale, a prestigious street near to the Concorde Square in Paris. Maxim's has been the for now more than a Century. For over a century, Maxim's has been the symbol of a certain typically Parisian art of living : a combination of distinction, frivolity, and improvisation. Even the most exuberant gatherings have found an appropriate decor in this famous restaurant on the rue Royale. Since 1983, Maxim's has witnessed the entire planet's great fortunes, crowned heads, multimillionaire business men and world-famous artists walk through its doors. A timeless symbol of a certain art of living, a mythical vision of festivities in all of their expressions, Maxim's is the ideal ambassador of French gastronomy throughout the world.

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