Kachní Foie Gras Larnaudie v bloku s portským vínem 180g

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Block of duck foie gras from south-west of France. Cooked with Port-wine, it is subtly sweetened and even more delicious. Keep it in refrigerator.

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Kachní Foie Gras Larnaudie v bloku s portským vínem 180g Click image to enlarge
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Country of origin:France
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The best way to present Foie Gras is in its pure excellence on its own. Served with warm toasts or fresh country style bread.

Foie gras in south-west France is first and foremost a question of know-how. Foie gras may well be the result of human genius, nowhere else expressed as remarkably as in this region, it has since become an art, appreciated by all genuine gourmets. An art deployed first in breeding and fattening according to ancestral know-how, an art pursued in selection just by touch, with immediate recognition of an outstanding liver, an art finally implemented in the mode of cooking designed to enhance all its unique qualities. All that goes to make foie gras an incomparable dish, for professional restaurateurs and delicatessens worldwide.

Foie Gras a.k.a French Fat Liver

Foie gras (pronounced /fwɑːˈgrɑː/ in English; French for "fat liver") is "the liver of a duck or a goose that has been specially fattened by gavage" (as defined by French law). Pâté de foie gras was formerly known as "Strassburg pie" in English due to that city being a major producer of this food product. Foie gras is one of the most popular and well-known delicacies in French cuisine and its flavour is described as rich, buttery, and delicate, unlike that of a regular duck or goose liver. Foie gras can be sold whole, or prepared into mousse, parfait, or pâté (the lowest quality), and is typically served as an accompaniment to another food item, such as toast or steak. The technique of gavage dates as far back as 2500 BC, when the ancient Egyptians began keeping birds for food and deliberately fattened the birds through force-feeding. Today, France is by far the largest producer and consumer of foie gras, though it is produced and consumed worldwide, particularly in other European nations, the United States, and China.

Jean Larnaudie

The Jean Larnaudie company is based on the hills in Figeac en Quercy.
Attached to its regional country cuisine, it has preserved its expertise for nearly 60 years.

Its teams, made up of men and women devoted to their profession, have continuously enriched and passed on their passion for this “French culinary gem”.
At Jean Larnaudie, whole foie gras is still cooked by hand in a traditional manner.
culinary gem”.
Very close attention is paid to the selection and sorting of livers that are still the basis of a quality foie gras; Jean Larnaudie also offers South West IGP guaranteed ranges (protected geographic indication) and ranges of French origin that you will discover in our shop.
Respectful of the country and tradition: yes, but also....Innovative food lovers!
The company teams are always looking for new recipes to sublimate and increase the value of the foie gras. Each recipe is “a promise of flavoursome and refined moments”.
Since 2005, foie gras has been officially part of our national French heritage; it is  responsibility of the company to protect the quality and philosophy of this flavoursome dish that has existed for centuries!
Jean Larnaudie is always committed to this.

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