Bols Triple Sec 0.7l

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The main ingredient of this crystal clear, complex blend of citrus fruit is the small, slightly bitter but highly flavoured orange originating from the island of Curacao (cure-a-sow).

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Volume (liters):0.7
Alcohol by volume (%):38
Country of origin:Netherlands
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Bols liqueurs are significantly better than those of the competition in many respects. This commercial message has now been established as fact in a study by CSO, the well-known international institute for taste and aroma research. A 24-member team of neutral panellists recently reached the conclusion (with staggering - but pleasant for Bols! - certainty) that Bols liqueurs are far ahead of the competition.

The taste and aroma test conducted by the panel focused on the ten most important flavours of Bols and its competitors. In the blind test, Bols products scored particularly well as far as natural and full-bodied aroma are concerned, and where a full-bodied and soft flavour are involved. Bols liqueurs were judged as significantly better than the other brands over the whole line. CSO also conducted qualitative research. Fourteen international bartenders shared their views with the interviewers as to quality and applicability. The bartenders said, among other things, that they preferred Bols for its "real", fruity flavour, the excellent aroma and the proper density of the liqueurs. According to the bartenders, professionals always need new products with fruity flavours and strong, clear colours.

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